Ruby Bate

I wanted to join the Foundation Degree because I

had previously studied Media Production at Level 2

and really enjoyed learning about the media and

creative industry. From there I then progressed onto

the Level 3 Digital Media course which I found to be

less practical than the Level 2 and really missed that.

I feel that going onto the Foundation degree has

helped me to rediscover my creative flow.

So far on my degree, I have had the opportunity to

further develop my post-production skills as well as

my skills with narrative writing. I have developed my

leadership skills through a number of projects, which

will help me in the job roles I am interested in.

I have always been good with creating narratives

and putting words to paper but I feel that this

course has helped me to develop and improve my

abilities within both narrative and creative writing.

I am enjoying exploring the potential for

communicating ideas and changing opinions

through media products. On the second year of

this course I plan to improve my self-organisation

skills, as they are something I feel are important

within the media industry and would be a skill that

would help me to develop a career that involves

teaching media or work as a creative director within

the industry.