Reece Witcombe

I decided to do the Foundation Degree in media

production because I knew it would help me to further

develop my skill set within media production. This

course will also help me to gain further knowledge

about the media industry and offer me opportunities

that involve working directly with industry professionals.

I have really enjoyed the work I have been doing this

year and I am really happy with how my skills within

narrative writing and studio work have developed

through this course.

After the course has finished I plan to progress onto

the top up year at Plymouth University or to begin my

career in the media industry. I aim to have a career

as film director or editor because they are passions of

mine and are roles that I plan to further develop

through this course towards this goal. My strength

would be my technical skills within production

especially in post-production. In five years time I see

myself as a part of an editing team on big productions

in the media industry.

This course has allowed me to meet with various

people with different backgrounds in media and gave

me the opportunity to work with all these different

skills in media as a team to produce high quality

media work.