Preston Kevan

I decided to do the Foundation Degree because I’ve always had a strong interest towards film and directing. On this course I have enjoyed doing narrative production, as I like creating my own stories and turning them into films.

The practical aspects of this course appeal to me a lot more, I like creating films working from preproduction to production. This course has given me the opportunity to work as part of the production team of a feature film that was being filmed locally.

Once I have completed the FdA I want to go onto the top up year at the ATRiuM in Cardiff (University of South Wales) as well as applying for several jobs within the media industry so I can gain professional experience as well as gain further theory knowledge on the degree.

My dream job would be working as part of a postproduction company creating 3D visual effects for films. I am a creative person so this will strongly influence my career as a3D visual effects artist.

I would like to have directed at least three successful feature films within 10 years.