Paige Bickham

I joined the FdA course because I felt like it would be the best option for me to get the university experience, but not have to leave home as I wasn’t ready to at that time.

When I was five I was far more interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ features on DVD’s, so the media industry has been something that has interested me for the best part of 15 years now.

Now, I see myself as a internet binging perfectionist, that knows how to hold a camera the right way round. I also like to produce. I aspire to be a producer.

After completing the course I plan on doing a top up at the ATRuiM (University of South Wales) in Cardiff. I want to study here due Cardiff being one of the main media hubs in the UK and I personally feel like Cardiff is the right decision for me. I also plan on trying to get experience in the industry along side this.