Mortimer Marshall

I chose to join the Foundation Degree in Media

Production because I wanted to hone my skills in

the production process and film making. During my

time at the college I have been involved in Media

Academy doing professional projects.

I aim of then getting links into the industry before

fully focusing on my career in the media industry. I

thoroughly enjoyed doing the narrative unit on this

course because I got to experiment with my

creativity and concept ideas. I really enjoy

developing and creating stories and then

communicating them.

I believe a strength of mine would be creating

ideas and concepts for films and then putting them

into writing. I enjoy doing this which is why I’ve

worked hard to make this my strength throughout

my A level studies and in my projects this year.

I am really having fun with all aspects on this

course and it just keeps getting better. I keep

getting opportunities to make produce more work

and I find that really exciting. There are always

project coming into the college, either from

lecturers or via media academy. I am looking

forward to doing more and bigger projects for

external clients next year.

After this course I would like to set up my own

production company as I want to be able to

produce what I want and have the freedom to do