Mark Stothard

Being a full-time photographer for some 20+ years, where clients would ask me to capture images, feeling that I wanted to explore more self-generated artistic creativity.
A few years ago, realising that I would love to concentrate my life creating work on my own projects, I needed to add additional skill sets to my workflow. 
With my main goals at Bridgwater and Taunton colleges being to improve my artistic style in photography, I have been learning and appreciating other media formats too, video and audio skill sets and underlining that content the narrative is king.
Coursework being self-generated, transport and community projects, video, audio and stills.
Aspirations of moving onto year 3 at the supporting university, then hopefully on to an MA and perhaps a PHD, expanding on my own current gallery and darkroom by adding a studio. Becoming a more rounded content creator. Creating more self-generated stories and low volume art, rather than commissioned projects.
I’m not afraid of failing, always willing to push myself, help others and being socially open,  learning, listening and talking with people.  My weaknesses for me go back to my childhood, not having a father, mother or role model, who were there for me, not taking an interest in me and what I was doing, more interested in money and things they owned, instead of what matters, people, their feelings, what they do and their experiences, this made me into the person I was.  
Now rediscovering myself, creating narratives in photography, video and audio for people to enjoy.        
Learning every day, confident that I will explore life, focus on the end goal, nearly happy. 
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