Gary Fields

I am currently working through a photographic project book that I bought years ago, titled ‘52 Weekend Digital Photo Projects‘. It covers all the seasons and has some very useful tips and tricks to help any photographer, as well as an easy to follow set of instructions and examples for each project. Currently I have produced a few different ones of my choosing, and am looking to do more.

Make a Splash without Flash.-

This little project has an example of a glass of water with a Strawberry being dropped from above, and the camera freezing the splash to a nice crisp standard and having the fruit visible inside the glass itself. It discusses how you should set up the shot, a low angle, 1/1000sec or faster shutter speed, and what to have in the background. In their example they had a small glass on a patch of grass, with dark green trees blurred out in the background. For mine I used my patio in my back garden with the fencing and trellis behind, I set my camera up on a gorilla pod as it had a better angle than my traditional tripod, and used 1/1000sec as my shutter speed. This is how it turned out.

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