Daniel Murphy

Danny Murphy.

21 years old, based around the Weston-super-Mare/Bristol area.

Any strange facts about yourself? 

I have a swear word tattooed on the inside of my bottom lip.

Why did you join the foundation degree?

I joined the foundation degree hoping to further refine my skills and career aspirations in the area of filmmaking. The course has helped me realise my goal of becoming a film producer. It has helped me to actively make steps towards this career path while allowing me to have creative freedom in the work that I create.

I hope to continue learning and developing the skills that can lay the foundations of a future career in the area of production that I am aiming for.

Any plans for when you finish?

Besides homelessness?…

When I finish this course, I plan to attend UWE for the final year of my degree to top up to a full BA Hons. I also plan to continue creating my own content and building my own online audience.

Any goals? 

The ultimate goal is to work for myself, and have full creative control of the work that I produce. To make YouTube videos as a job would be my ideal. To have a channel that I have built from scratch, that I own, where I can showcase all that I do to an audience that I have built through the platform.

I would also like to explore working in production roles on feature films, as I have done in the past.