Wick Farm Outdooor Film Festival

A large audience gathering for the premiere of the feature film “The Holiday” at an outdoor screening at Wick Farm, Longport on Saturday 13th May.

Rees Marshall marshalling at the festival

The event was organised as part of the foundation Degree in Media Production at Bridgwater and Taunton College. Students were asked to exhibit their work – What they ended up doing was organising their own festival on a beautiful wick farm site.

The group spent a week clearing and preparing the Wick Farm Site in advance of the festival.

The media trail included photography from the course and stills from films produced as part of their major projects, as well as featured local artists. The week long show ended in a big premiere featuring an outdoor screening of their Major Project films. This included a crowd funded feature “The Holiday”, an improvised drama featuring professional actors and Director of Photography, and “Runners” – a comedy about runners on a film set written by 2nd year students and starring 1st year students, all based on their own personal experiences of working on professional film sets.

The event, organised by Base Gamble, Bethany Tucker, Rees Marshall and Shannon Conway also featured live performances into the early hours of the morning.

Base Gamble Director of “The Holiday” and Preston Kevan – writer and Director of “Runners”

Base Gamble, the Director of “The Holiday” said “When you work as a team you can move mountains. To have members of the public to come and find you to say ‘Thankyou for a truly amazing experience’! That is special to hear and makes our efforts even more rewarding.”

Shannon Conway, whose fashion photography was featured within the Media Trail said, ”We put a lot of hard work in so the best thing was to see everyone there enjoying themselves”

Base Gamble, Bethany Tucker and Rees Marshall on the Media Trail (Photo: Shannon Conway)

Bethany Tucker, who was the producer on “The Holiday”, said “It means the world to us all that you enjoyed the film and have supported us on this journey. I have had the best experience being a producer on ‘The Holiday’ and have gained some incredible friends from this unforgettable experience”

The 20ft Screen was an amazing sight in the dark.

After the event, Base Gamble said  “To have people sitting in the wind and rain because they were enjoying the film so much, showed us that we did manage to make a piece of film art that was engaging and worth watching”

The team are now working on entering “The Holiday” into a variety of  Film Festivals nationally and internationally.

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