Mannequin Mayhem – April Bishop

‘Yesterday I had a sudden idea to incorporate a mannequin into my exhibition. I was thinking of how I could present my final images and exhibit my work, and thought that it would be a cool idea to have my favourite prints on a small scale to what I was planning (A4/A3) and have the framed in simple black frames. I would then hang them in rows that resemble a tattoo studio, and the flash sheets that hang on the wall.

I haven’t been getting on with tattooing well as the fake skin I have is poor quality and hard to use, and my fruit just go moldy. Although I’ve taken photos of the fruit, I wanted some materials to put in my exhibition to add texture and make it more interesting. I looked at videos and links online of what people use to practice tattooing but the only other option suggested was pig skin, which I wasn’t keen on. I have ordered some better quality skin (hopefully) to practice on but came up with a back up plan in case it doesn’t work out.’

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