Students Enjoy Hollywood Drama

Bridgwater College Foundation Degree Media Production students took a residential trip to Los Angeles skilfully timed to include a pilgrimage to both the Oscars and the Golden Raspberry Awards known as the Razzies. Students were able to gather outside the Dolby Theatre and add to the crowd’s ecstatic response to Leonardo Di Caprio’s long awaited best actor Oscar win. The previous day the group experienced the opposite with rewards given for the worst in film at the Razzies.


Students witnessed the world of TV production US style at Warner Bros Studio where they joined an audience for The Real, a nationally recognised celebrity panel show and met the director and senior producer Adam Spiegelman for an insider’s view of the show. Other highlights during the weeklong trip included a stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame visiting the Chinese theatre, a relaxing bicycle ride along Venice Beach, the Griffith observatory, Hollywood sign and China town.

Course leader Alan Hardcastle commented, “The aim was to investigate media production methods in America, a country that revolutionised the industry through mass media becoming a dominant cultural source for popular entertainment.”

On the final day the group experienced some drama of their own when they were involved in a minor traffic incident on the Route 101. Happily, they were only a little shaken but not stirred!

Student Chloe Barnes summed up the week long experience “This was my first American visit; it definitely lived up to expectations, being able to immerse myself in such a vibrant culture and see first hand how the media drives celebrity was fascinating.”


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